Most people place more attention on taking care of their skin, their body weight, their job, home and pets, and ignore the most crucial organ in their body. By working on a positive brain health balance, it is possible to increase your IQ as you age and maintain your memory, vitality and libido throughout your lifetime. There are also of course positive side effects to the rest of your body including increased bone strength, muscle
power, cardiovascular endurance, skin elasticity, fat loss, libido, erectile function, the absence of incontinence and constipation, and decreased risk of infections, heart attacks, strokes and cancers.
So a healthy brain will support a healthy body and vice versa. Conversely, a sick body will produce a sick brain by not supplying adequate and appropriate nutrients and supplying excess toxins and inhibitors to the brain.
Covering a range of topics including the basic principles, degenerative brain disease, brain performance enhancement, brain health and assessments and the Brain Performance Optimization Program.
A truly transformative read, this is the ideal book for anyone with an interest in their mind as well as their body.