What to expect

The care and service we provide is likely to be quite different from what you have experienced in a medical setting before.  Rather than simply treating or focusing on your symptoms, we will help you to address the root cause of your cognitive problems and optimise your function now and your health into the future.  To achieve this, we need to work collaboratively with you, as a team, to gather all of the relevant information to help you reverse cognitive decline and achieve optimal vitality and health-span.  This also requires having a holistic framework that addresses your mind, body and spirit.

What is functional medicine?  How is it different?

Functional medicine addresses the CAUSE of dysfunction or disease rather than just suppressing symptoms.  It is a shift from a disease-centred focus to a patient-centred focus which addresses you as a WHOLE person.  As functional medicine practitioners we spend time listening to you and your history, including the interaction that environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors have on the state of your health today. We support your unique expression of optimal vitality by empowering you to take back control of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Program

The more you commit to your health, the greater will be your returns. Our role is to guide you into the smartest and most efficient investments.

Optional 30 minute introductory discussion with Dr Hart in The Hart Clinic

Hart Clinic testing - Scientist - 4 hours

requires patient’s blood type

Body composition analysis - fat and muscle mass and distribution

Cardiovascular Assessment - heart rate variability, autonomic coherence, pulse oximetry, automated ankle-brachial index, endothelial function (EndoPAT)

Pulmonary Assessment - lung function tests

Neurocognitive Assessment – computer-based 

quantified ElectroEncephaloGram (brain map)

Heavy metal assessment - photospectrometry

Visual Contrast Sensitivity scan

3 day wearable lifestyle assessment

Instructions, 3 day diet diary, blood and medical imaging request forms and test kits for offsite testing will be given and explained.

Offsite Testing

Pathology – The blood tests are billed directly from the laboratories. All tests are done privately, and are not Medicare rebatable.

Medical Imaging - carotid artery ultrasound, coronary artery calcium score by CT scan, brain MRI with 3D voluminisation, PET scan. The medical imaging is billed directly by the provider. All tests are done privately, and are not Medicare rebatable.

Followup Hart Clinic Consultation (four weeks later)

1. Dr John Hart - 2 hours

During your initial appointment with Dr Hart, he will carry out:

A review of your medical, health and lifestyle history, and your initial onsite and offsite test results

A physical examination

Exercise and sleep review and recommendations 

Dr Hart may request you to undertake additional pathology testing or medical imaging if an issue is uncovered that requires clarification

Dr Hart will summarise your findings and construct a treatment program and organise your follow-up review. 

We also offer additional group medical appointments that include education and discussion with Dr Hart. These provide an opportunity to reflect and share discoveries with others on the same path.

2. Margot Barber - 2 hours

During your appointment with Margot, she will carry out a comprehensive diet and lifestyle review incorporating the previous test results and Dr Hart’s recommendations. Margot will make detailed, actionable recommendations. 

Cognitive decline is a constant accelerating threat, so prevention and reversal needs to be a constant expanding protocol. It takes time and effort, but the rewards of focus, memory, vitality, virility and independence are more than worth it. We look forward to assisting you on your exciting journey to, and maintenance of, optimal cognition.

Followup appointments

will vary from one to six monthly

are one hour with Dr Hart, one hour with Ms Barber at The Hart Clinic

Phone and Skype consultations

Dr Hart and Ms Barber do not do phone or Skype consultations.

Do you prescribe medications?

Dr Hart uses non-pharmaceutical interventions whenever possible (see the ‘Non-negotiables’). Should a pharmaceutical medication be required, this will be prescribe after thorough risk-benefit analysis.

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

No alcohol, caffeine, exercise for 12 hrs before appointment.

No smoking for 4 hours before appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment with Dr Hart?

Bring a list of all medications and supplements, including doses, and any test or imaging reports from the last 12 months.

I am already working with a Nutritionist. Do I need to see your Nutritionist?

We require that all our patients see our nutritionist. The “cognitive nutrition” that we practice is very different from most nutritionists. Also, it is very important to review the food allergies, membrane fatty acids and blood sugar control with our nutritionist once they become available, because the situation can be very complicated and hard to manage without assistance.  

How do I make an appointment?

send email to admin@hartclinic.com.au