A 54 yo woman presented with a two year history of memory loss. She noted that she did not retain new information the way she formerly had, she had to re-read information a number of times to remember it, especially technical or scientific information, and noted that her reading speed had decreased. She also noted a reduction in vocabulary, word-finding problems, and repeated use of the same word instead of using synonyms. She also noted increased difficulty with grammar and spelling, as well as loss of names of friends and famous people. Her writing declined, her typographical errors increased, and she had difficulty remembering passwords. She had increasing difficulty driving, organising, and with her motivation. Activities of daily living were preserved.

On-line quantitative neuropsychological testing disclosed a composite memory score at the 32nd percentile, visual memory at the 10th percentile, and verbal memory at the 73rd percentile.

This testing was repeated after four months on the programme, at which time the composite memory score was 61st percentile, visual memory score at the 25th percentile, and verbal memory score at the 84th percentile.

Reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's Disease. Bredesen D. et al. Aging, June 2016, Vol 8 No 6